Off Season Training – at home hockey training tips

At Pro Stride Hockey, we believe that regular athletic training during the offseason is crucial for athletes to prepare physically and mentally for the upcoming season. Some time off from hockey and playing other sports in the offseason is important, however taking an extended break from training during this time can negatively impact an athlete’s performance and confidence going into the next season.

By engaging in regular training sessions, athletes can maintain and improve their physical fitness, build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and develop their shooting and skating skills to stand out in tryouts and to your new team for the upcoming season.

We recommend spreading out training throughout the offseason to weekly, or bi-weekly session as it allows for more productive training sessions compared to cramming everything into a short period before tryouts. Regular offseason training also helps athletes mentally prepare for the upcoming season by setting goals and boosting confidence and mental toughness. We encourage you to consider incorporating regular offseason training at Pro Stride Hockey to ensure you’re ready for tryouts come August and September. We look forward to seeing you in our facility this summer!