Our Coaches

Devin Swain

Instructor at Pro Stride Hockey

My name is Devin Swain and I played competitive hockey from a young age through to Midget hockey. After my playing days were finished, I found myself missing hockey so I moved into coaching and scouting competitive hockey. 

Sheldon Cox
  • I have coached age ranges from Initiation (U7) all the way up to Midget (U18) where I was on the bench for Midget AAA minor (U15AAA) and Midget AAA Major (U18AAA).

  • I moved into scouting in the AJHL for the Camrose Kodiaks.

  • I am currently coaching the 2011 Major Division in the HSL for the Riggers Hockey Academy.

  • My coaching philosophy is that every athlete has their own strengths and weaknesses and as a coach, I try to identify what those weaknesses are and turn them into strengths.
  • If you only work on what you are good at, you will not improve yourself or your game.

  • I believe in hard work and pushing athletes to get better through repetition and positive reinforcement. I always encourage my athletes to try things that are challenging and if they make a mistake or cannot do the skill, that’s OK!

  • They can only learn and get better if they work hard and keep trying the skill. Very few people are able to be good at everything the first time they try it.
  • With the equipment we have at Pro Stride and the experience I bring along with my fellow coaches, we can help our athletes improve their stick skills, their shooting and become more a more powerful faster skater. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with athletes of all ages and skill level at Pro Stride Hockey.

Sheldon Cox

Instructor at Pro Stride Hockey

My name is Sheldon Cox and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with your athlete at our facility, Pro Stride Hockey. I have grown up playing this great game of hockey at a very competitive level from the age of 4 all the way into my 20s, ending my career in the AJHL but always continuing to play. All of these experiences have given me a vast amount of knowledge and a great love for the game. Because I’ve always been a leader on teams I’ve played on, I am passionate and drawn to the teaching aspect of the game.

  • All of this has led my passion of hockey into coaching, which I have been doing for the last four years. During the Spring/Summer season, I was involved along with Coach Devin in coaching a 2012 Elite group of 8 year olds. We are preparing for the Brick Series tournaments coming up in the next few years. For this winter season, I am currently getting ready to Head Coach in the HSL for the CCK (Capital City Knights) organization. It will be a great challenge that I am looking forward to.

  • This love I have for the game has now also extended to our Pro Stride Hockey facility where I want to continue to coach and teach what I can for the next generation of players.

  • All ages of players have something to learn or work on and this will be in a different setting than being on the ice with your team. It will be a more personal experience, and we feel our facility is where we can work on these specifics skills that are required.
  • My coaching philosophy is that every moment on the ice is a learning opportunity and to take as much out of each lesson or practice that you can.

  • I like to bring out the best in my players with firm guidance and intensity and I demand a lot but only what I know I can get out of the athlete.

  • A good core balance on the ice is the foundation to all fundamental hockey skills such as skating and edge work, stick handling, shooting, power and speed – this will encourage faster development.
  • I like to challenge my players to push it to their limits as failures do lead to success. If you’re not failing, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough I always say.

  • Our sessions will be built around developing at the pace we feel your athlete is ready for. This may not be the same pace for everyone. But by doing things the Pro Stride way, we can pay more attention to fine-tuning the fundamentals of each player’s specific skills and have these athletes doing things the correct way.