At Pro Stride Hockey, we can offer a great off-ice experience for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We have an 1800 square foot facility with a skating treadmill, synthetic ice, a shooting lane and synthetic ice skills area.

Skating Treadmill

With our skating treadmill, we can work on balance, edge work, leg strength, conditioning, stride length and skating posture/form which in turn translates to more power and more speed on the ice. We have the floor built-up to the height of the treadmill and it’s surrounded by synthetic ice. This allows us to pass pucks to athletes while they are skating at the treadmill. This enables them to stick handle or shoot from that position on the net we have in front of the area. We also have real-time video with a 55” screen beside the treadmill so we can show an athlete the corrections before leaving the area. This way, the information stays fresh and the corrections can be applied immediately to their play.

Shooting Lane

Our shooting lane is set-up to simulate shots from the slot and rebounds in-close which is where most of the goals are scored in a game. We work on shooting mechanics and how to use the technology of the stick to generate shot power and accuracy.

Skills Area

Our skills area is 585 square feet of synthetic ice with a shooting tarp where athletes can work on small area skills like quick hands, edge transitions and in-tight passing. Our coaching staff is experienced in working with athletes of all ages and skill levels. We understand that most athletes don’t get the small group environment at practice due to it being difficult for a coach to be attentive to 18 players on the ice.  At Pro Stride Hockey, we can offer that small group setting with attention to detail that  helps athletes get to the next level.