At home hockey training tips

At Home Training

At Prostride Hockey we encourage our clients to practice what they learn from us at home! Especially the shooting mechanics and skills we teach. We will be sending out a weekly training tip starting with our shooting series! This resource is for our valued clients only and won’t be available on social media or any other platform so make sure you don’t let these go to junk mail and miss them!

Shooting At Home Tip

We are going to start with hand positioning and stick grip. When handling the puck and shooting the puck it is important to have our grip hand (top hand) positioned correctly on the stick. this is critical for puck control and shot preparation! Pay attention to the red “V” highlighted in the photo below for the proper position of the grip hand. the top flat part of the shaft (highlighted in yellow) should fit into the “V” while gripping the stick tightly with this hand.

Practice this when you are doing your shooting to ensure you are getting the most out of your training with us and at home!

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At Home Hockey Training Tips